Under 21

modelRED takes the mental health of adult performers extremely seriously. If you are over 18 but under 21 we will insist on discussing your reasons for choosing a career in the adult industry.

We RESPECT YOUR CHOICE, we just respect your mental health more. Mental health in this business is something modelRED takes seriously, so we want YOU fully aware of how this industry works and what you should expect coming into it.

How modelRED helps you:

  1. We can provide options that include camming and content trade development to create your own revenue streams (OnlyFans, ManyVids etc) both of which offer you a softer entry into the industry.
  2. We can also arrange Zoom calls with established adult performers who will answer your questions and give you greater insight into the adult industry before you start.

Note: This is also available to new performers over 21. But if you are under 21 we will insist that you talk to performers we know. We’re not trying to dissuade you. We’re trying to make sure you enter the adult industry fully aware of what studios, producers, directors and other performers will expect of you.

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