In the beginning…

modelRED was an idea conceived in early November 2021, and is now run by Gil and Val of SexWorkPR.com.

The modelRED ethos is simple. Put the performer first – FULL STOP. The team works with performers to establish their brand and then strategize their entry into the adult industry. modelRED does not promote performers via some aimless shotgun blast list to studios – rather, we carefully seek out studios which match our performers’ character and shooting preferences. modelRED doesn’t push our performers into shoots they are uncomfortable with – they only do the work they are comfortable performing.  

We begin by listening – to what performers feel comfortable with and the kinds of work they enjoy doing (because if you love what you do, it ceases to be work) and then modelRED actively pursues those studios (and scenes) for our clients.

How we work…

We will be proactive and we will always make ourselves available. No long silences followed by cold or dismissive texts. We work for YOU. We will always respond quickly to requests from studios or communications made directly to performers via their social platforms or websites. As we do not restrict performers from developing their own opportunities with studios and other adult performers. modelRED is a team and your success is therefore our success! We don’t want to control your lives. We are your agent. We are there to help, protect and advise. But you are your own business too.

Standing for something…

Racial, homophobic, transphobic or extreme views are not something modelRED condones – and if we see it aired by our models, we definitely do not ignore it. Publicly airing these views will terminate the model’s contract immediately (especially if they feel they have zero need to apologize, retract, and learn from it). Certain individuals in the Adult Industry might feel that they can act outside of these moral values; however, modelRED believes that respect and tolerance is something we should all practice.

The essence of model Red…

Finally, modelRED believes a “good agency” doesn’t’ need some contractually binding contract which locks you in to deliver success for our family of talent.  Success, we believe, is delivered through a good, positive, fun working relationship alongside a mutual & professional respect for each other.

Likewise, our team has long-standing experience across branding, advertising, marketing, public relations, and communications. We bring award-winners in marketing, academically published staffers, and adult industry pros together under one tent to make modelRED an agency that behaves like a real business – not a frat house.   


Please reach out and contact us. You have four people who will arrange a Zoom call with you and explain the pros and cons. But more importantly we will listen to you! We want to gauge what you are comfortable with and guide you into becoming the best adult star you can be.

A final word of thanks…

Audrey Miles, was one of the first adult performers (now retired) to help us get this agency on track. Her help, advice and enthusiasm is not only remembered by the modelRED agency, it is deeply appreciated.

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