Adult Performer Categories

modelRED is an agency which supports a wide variety of adult performers. But the following is a useful guide to the different levels we currently work with (and for). It should be noted that modelRED does NOT discourage or object to adult performers developing their own content streams. In fact we encourage this and can offer advice and support* in all the production stages.

  • New Performers – Studio Shoots

Adult performers entering the industry for the first time and who are committed from “Day One” to shooting for studios (paid shoots).

  • Established Adult Performers

Professional adult performers looking for a new agent and who might also want to update or refresh their brand.

  • New Performers & Established Performers – Content Trades and Studio Shoots

Established and new performers who want to support their own revenue streams by balancing paid studio shoots with content trades. 

  • Content Trade Only – Free Service

modelRED is developing a large database of reliable content traders. Please contact us for more information. We offer this service to everyone and we can also act as a “oversight” to make sure content is shared etc. We do appreciate updates from you ”post shoot” on whether testing, consent and high levels of professionalism were respected and maintained throughout the shoot. We hold all the performers on our list to a high standard. Anyone acting unprofessionally will be removed and if necessary permanently blacklisted. We also run a “no show or last minute let-down” point system which means unreliable performers will be also removed. 

  • Testing the Waters!

Not everyone wants to test the depth of a river with both feet! modelRED works and offers advice to everyone who reaches out. But we also act as a bridge for adult performers in sectors like Camming who want to see if studio shoots are right for them. We also work with new performers who want to enter the industry slowly. 

  • The Hard Truth

Many agencies promote the large amounts of “money” that can be made in your first month. This is NOT true for everyone and for many new performers joining the adult industry this can be a very short lived experience. modelRED will not mislead you about any aspect of the industry. We will also make sure that your mental health and physical safety comes first. You should also be aware that choosing to work in the adult industry can have serious implications on your family life and mental health. If you are entering this career without considering these issues then we would advise that you research the numerous articles available online about the adult industry and its pitfalls.

  • We Work for You

modelRED does not see you as a “pot of gold”. We will work with you to develop your brand, your marketing and your adult industry career. We maintain regular contact with our performers through platforms like “Zoom”. We will also speak up when we feel you are at risk from mental exhaustion or selecting scenes and studios which we feel might be a little too strong for you current experience.

  • One Final Point

The adult industry is larger than most people realize. Mainstream studio shoots are the icing on the adult industry cake. But for many it is their own content and platforms which deliver a regular income after the mainstream shoots start to dry up. You might indeed be in that small percentage that make six figures every year. But our approach will always be to build your brand, your marketing, and your platforms whilst delivering studio opportunities.

*modelRED now works in partnership with The Media Studios to develop logos, websites and professional video intros and outros.

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